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From the VG7 experience, our customers have been able to grow their business, offer more services and be more original in their products. We tackle the problems of our customers, both in Italy and abroad, with enthusiasm and dynamism, which is why hundreds of companies rely on us now. Our WEBtoPRINT solutions are unique, module-structured and able to automate all process management: estimate, order and processes.

Here is a list of those who have already chosen us:

What people say about us

Customer opinions

"Our old sites were very simple portals, which offer very little customization possibilities. Therefore we decided to rely on Vg7 for the high possible customization, as well as for the opportunities offered by the automatic import of the provider catalog. The management of the portal, thanks to this service offered by Vg7, becomes much simpler". 

"Why did you decide to change the online portal, renewing your web-to-print e-commerce?
"It is easy to say: the owner of the printing house needed to have a fast software for estimating, such as the one offered by VG7". 

"We arrived at the VG7 agency in a very traditional way: we saw the site developed by VG7 for one of our client companies, for which we produced customized bags, and so we got interested by the quality of the portal. We decided to get in touch with them to get an estimate.
No sooner said than done!"

"We hope to increase our business: we always had websites that were not properly developed, managed at a basic level and for the very competitive products we offer on the market, a cutting-edge solution was required. We want to improve our visibility and the promotion of our services: we couldn't miss this opportunity!"

“About a year ago, by chance, I saw an ad for VG7 online and contacted you. Your offer convinced us and the collaboration began. There was an immediate harmony and we are still very satisfied".

"We absolutely needed to update our platform after a couple of rather bad experiences. Visiting the VG7 website we got convinced and I must say that it was love at first sight! You follow us in a very precise and professional way. It's a whole other way to work and customers are already responding well".

"We are very confident and enthusiastic about the platform that VG7 offers. Compared to the one we had before, I believe it can help us in the sales and automation of specific aspects of work management.
We discovered VG7 by surfing the web, looking for a company that could help us renew the site: we found the opportunity to relaunch our business!"

"We came into contact with VG7 during an industry fair. We have been thinking for some time about updating our web platform, which was a bit obsolete, especially in terms of product customization. We wanted to make it more intuitive and flexible for a better user experience.
It was the right meeting at the right time!"

"We relied on VG7 for their great experience in the sector. They are efficient in everything related to professional printing, they know this sector very well and have supported us in all our customization requests. Thanks to them we hope to increase our turnover and acquire new customers".

“The internet is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. We know how the web can be both opportunity and complexity at the same time and our goal is to diversify our turnover by continuing to expand around the world. In some things you cannot improvise and for this reason we have chosen to entrust VG7, the web specialists for our sector".

"VG7 has been our partner for about three years. It is a very solid partner, available for relationships and contact with the customer. I must say that they were really present especially in the second half of 2017. Thanks to we have obtained extreme visibility and the ability to be very flexible on the proposals of our products to the market.
I absolutely recommend VG7".

"VG7 gave us the opportunity to develop the site and find our products online, which are clearly a lot: we print both offset and digital".

"We have found in VG7 an ideal partner, because it is a company that follows the customer in depth at the same time with great skills.
We have noticed how many companies that offered software, perhaps even larger and more structured, did not give adequate support. You have direct contact: if a problem arises even on a Saturday, there is someone who will answer you. I absolutely recommend VG7".

"We arrived at VG7 thanks to the knowledge of their agent who proposed this new platform to break into the web-to-print market. I expect, first of all, to be able to retain our customers and give them a better service in terms of quoting and orders and to find new customers and obviously to be able to sell more. I recommend VG7, you have to be ready and get suggestions from all the VG7 staff".

"The VG7 platform offers us a complete system consisting of several stages: quoting, website and invoicing. Today even those who come to our structure in a "offline" way receive a quick estimate because we can create it online without having to start using old calculation methods. Thanks to this platform we are able to connect online sites flexibility and speed with our customization".

"With VG7 that helped us create our web-to-print website, every machine I buy and every investment I make has a wider chance on the Italian market and beyond, because the site is also optimized for other languages. The advantage that this company has offered us is the possibility to modulate the platform and choose how to cope with the market based on our goals. I would recommend VG7 because it gives you a solution to get out of the local market".

"The first thing I want to say to suggest VG7 is that it is integrated with EDIGIT. This means that it supports an e-commerce system with a single integration with a management system that gives the possibility of providing a complete ERP".

"I was able to see the platform and in my opinion it is easier to use compared to those of the competitors and gives me several possibilities which other competitors could not give me. Above all also the fact of being able to call, having a technician who responds immediately by email: the service is excellent. And then they gave me some good suggestions, I was satisfied with VG7, so I feel I can recommend it to everyone".

"A more robust and competitive solution in a market that is inevitably more and more complex every day. A simple, safe and fully tested system which, unlike what happened with our old portal, has all the conditions to lead our company towards our turnover goals".

“After 5 years from the creation of our first site, to which we owe more than 2 million Euros in new turnover, we have confirmed VG7 for the creation of our new project because in recent years they have been able to demonstrate close and reliable partners. Fully satisfied with their job!"

"Finally, after years of research and attempts, thanks to VG7, today I can offer my customers an incredible interactive editor capable of offering a customization experience, which is ten steps ahead of my competitors.
VG7 has earned an excellent review!"

"After paying a high price for other previous experiences, we chose VG7 and now we only complain the fact of not having chosen it from the beginning! Outstanding assistance, effcient tools and capabilities. Before VG7 we had to ask constantly for changes and our requests were not answered. Today, however, we not only receive instant assistance but thanks to the continuous innovations implemented by the company we are always one step ahead!"

“In just a word: finally! We have already had some other experiences in the past but VG7 is thousand times better. It creates estimates for us directly from the platform. When you update something, the entire system is updated and allows us to receive new requests thanks to the integrated web marketing services, we are enthusiastic!"

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