The mix of indispensable tools to facilitate the activities of the pre-printing phase.

The VG7 platform puts at your disposal a series of tools designed to facilitate the activities of your graphic department in the pre-printing phase. Specifically, the functions include the upload of print files directly by the user, with the possibility of attaching them in PDF format directly to orders or to individual order lines. The files are then accurately controlled by our PDF controller that reports all errors. Users can monitor the state of their print files in their user area and can modify them if any errors occur. Furthermore even the least experienced users can customise some graphic elements of the products sold online and convert them into a print-ready file.

Print files upload

Attaching high quality print files to orders.


This feature allows the users to autonomously upload and attach the print files containing the desired graphics to their orders. For example, if the user has ordered flyers, he can upload a PDF file of that specific flyer in their order summary.


This function also allows:

  • the upload of high quality print files for each order line;
  • perfect integration with the VG7 PDF Controller module;

PDF Validator

Verify that the files are correct before printing.


This add-on module checks the PDF documents uploaded by users, in order to verify that they are suitable for printing. Then it generates a preview of the document where it indicates any errors in the file.

Visual Editor

Allow users to create custom graphics directly on your website.


The Visual Editor is an additional module which helps users without specific graphic skills to customize his products on your e-commerce site, providing a photorealistic preview of the configured product.


Once the graphic processing is completed, the module generates a PDF file ready to be printed, in which the inserted graphic elements are already paged and compatible for printing.

Visual Editor

Additional features

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