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Personalized gadgets




A site that offers a huge variety of customizable gadgets and clothing. For each item the user can choose the position, size and printing technique of his customised graphics.


The site has been developed according to the user's needs in order to provide him with a tool that is easy to navigate and guarantees an answer to all his possible questions.

Quantity/size/colour chart

Maximum freedom of configuration.

The layout of the article detail pages is designed specifically for gadgets and offers the user maximum configuration possibilities. The chart containing different quantities, sizes and colours allows the same item to be ordered in several sizes and colours at the same time.
The user can choose to have the garment neutral or with personalised graphics applied to one or more positions. For each printing position, the user can choose the size and printing technique.
Each item comes with a range of useful information including a detailed size guide table and suggestions on how to wash and store the products.

Configure the platform

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Discover all the features and configure the package that best suits the needs of your printing company.