The VG7 solution can be integrated with your company's software.

The VG7 solution can be integrated with countless external softwares that your company already uses. In this way, you can further optimise company management and facilitate operations in a variety of fields. VG7 can be integrated with printers, preflight systems, accounting and courier systems. It allows you to automatically populate your e-commerce site with products from external suppliers and manage various payment methods. It also allows you to monitor data from analytics and marketing software and it can be also integrated with newsletter, feedback and review management and customer care systems.

Integration with Preflight Softwares


This module allows PDF documents to be checked for compatibility with a printing process (e.g. offset or digital) or with certain requirements (e.g. file format or content). This validation automates the check and saves time in the company as well as preventing errors.


Integration with customer care systems. Various customer care services can be integrated with the platform, for example, help desk systems (ticket support to answer customer queries, reporting and assignment to other departments, technical troubleshooting with communication to customers and colleagues), CRM (customer relationship management to follow up and retain customers) and chat integrated with the e-commerce site (to stay in touch with end users of the online platform).


Printer integration

Connect your management system to your printing machines


The Connect 4.0 interface module allows the VG7 management system to automatically connect the printing machines in your company. The machine/software data exchange takes place in an "Industry 4.0" perspective and is therefore compatible with the relevant tax benefits. Interfacing takes place via the GPC system or others made available by the manufacturer and allows the data of the jobs approved in the Print Management System to be sent to the machines via XML data. The system then transforms the XML data into the specific JDF of the machine and sends back to the management system the data of the final processing. The jobs will then be shown on the machine display without having to be entered manually. Once the job has been completed, the machine will send the data collected during the job to the ERP system, specifically the status of the job with times, final data and operators involved.

Integration with external suppliers

Import products from external suppliers into the catalogue


The "Import supplier catalogue" module enables the creation of gadget products and the automatic import of product catalogues from external suppliers. Data can be collected in various formats (XML, CSV, Web Services, etc.). Among the included functionalities we have: the insertion of variants, sharing on social networks, printing of the estimate, the presence of a fillable form to request information, the insertion of additional content, the simple and advanced price summary and the possibility of inserting discounts (by product, product category, user category, etc.). This integration is particularly useful when it is necessary to import hundreds or thousands of products from the external catalogues of one or more suppliers, inheriting any changes in price and stock. In this way all articles can be kept up to date both at economic level and at availability level, automating all these operations.

Integrations with the couriers

Integrate and automate shipping services


This integration makes it possible to interface with various couriers . The main features of the module are: creation of the shipment, definition of the number of packages, generation of tailor-made labels linked to the couriers in charge, integration of transport services, automatic generation of the shipment report, goods tracking, tracking notifications and automatic reading of delivery results. It therefore allows these activities to be automated without having to continually contact the courier or use another platform.

Integration with payment systems

Tailor-made online payments for your customers


Through these integrations, it is possible to provide to online customers a wide choice of payment methods. In addition to traditional offline payment methods such as bank transfer and cash on delivery, it is therefore possible to pay for orders via the gateway of your own bank and various external services.

Integration with accounting management systems

Administration linked to your VG7 management system


This service allows you to integrate the VG7 platform with an external accounting management system, synchronising data relating to: Master data (customers, suppliers and agents), orders, transport documents, connection tables (payment methods, transport reasons, banks, customer destinations, VAT rates). The synchronisation procedure can be performed by depositing files in XML or CSV format or via API, depending on the characteristics of the management system.

Integration with newsletter management systems


This extension allows an integration with a newsletter portal, such as Mailchimp. When a user registers on the e-commerce, he is automatically added to the lists on the newsletter portal and starts receiving promotional communications in his inbox. This is useful, for example, if the category on the e-commerce portal does not correspond to the category derived from profiling for promotional purposes.


Integration with customer care systems


Several customer management services can be integrated with the platform, e.g. help desk systems (Support through ticket system to answer customer queries, reporting and allocation to other departments, technical troubleshooting with communication to customers and colleagues), CRM (customer relationship management to follow up and retain customers) and chat integrated with the e-commerce site (to stay in touch with the end users of the online platform).

Integration with analysis and marketing tools


The VG7 platform can be supported by extension systems for analysing site traffic (e.g. Google Analytics) and promoting e-commerce websites through digital marketing tools. In addition to the typical SEO fields (already editable within the platform itself), these tools allow you to manage tags without changing the code. They also easily monitor website access and the performance of advertising campaigns, optimising them according to results. It is possible to measure the conversions of any Facebook Ads and link the site to the main search engines via Google Shopping.

Integration with Feedback and Review Management Systems


This integration allows you to display on your site the product ratings that customers have left using major review portals such as Trustpilot and Feedaty. General reviews can be displayed within each page of the site while item-specific reviews can be displayed within the corresponding product page

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