Print configurator

Fast, easy and accurate printing estimates with the VG7 print configurator.

Create print estimates quickly and easily on a large variety of products: small format, large format, paper goods and screen printing.

VG7 puts at your disposal an advanced calculator, which compares any type of technology (digital and offset), to offer you an optimal solution, both in terms of economics, costs and revenues, and on a technical level, improving the yield according to your needs. The Print Configurator can be adapted to the business model of your company, thanks to a wide range of processes. It is also possible to set different types of calculation for each economic component of the estimate (linear, cursor, incremental, hourly,…).


With the Print Configurator you can manage printing machines, materials and waste, finishing and binding processes. You will have the possibility to use the advanced budgeting settings, for example for Pantone Colours, Paints, Hard Cover, Defined Yield, etc.

Products to be estimated

You can make estimates of a wide range of printing products.

The types of products that can be estimated in the Print Configurator are:

Price comparison

VG7 manages different calculation methods to determine the price of each product.

VG7 platform allows you to find the calculation types best suited for the different products according to computation methods.

The price of each product can be determined in three ways:

Supported technologies

To calculate the price of a product, VG7 supports various printing technologies


Price comparison

Users always see the cheapest price


The software, based on the parameterization of the processing phases and the economic components, compares different technologies (for example digital and offset printing) in order to determine the most economically advantageous and efficient solution for the product creation. At the end of the estimate calculation, the system offers more results, combining machines, materials, yield orientations and processes. This allows the operator to evaluate multiple possibilities both from a technical and economic point of view.

Customised discount/mark-up

Enter custom discounts or mark-ups per customer.

In the Print Configurator it is possible to establish criteria for discounts or mark-ups on the sales price, depending on the customer or the economic component of the individual estimate. This is the case for loyal customers or customers acquired during an event, who therefore benefit from special discounts.

Detailed reports

A clear and precise picture of estimates, orders and turnover.

The VG7 system provides detailed reporting on the status of activities within the Configurator, with diagrams and/or statistical data on:


  • estimates, orders and turnover;
  • customers and customer categories;
  • cost centers;
  • single products or types of best-selling products;
  • machine use, turnover and material consumption for each machine. 

Integration with external management systems

Integrate your VG7 platform with the most important external management systems.


VG7 management software can be integrated with external accounting management systems.The integration involves sending and receiving of connecting tables. personal data, orders and delivery notes.

Access management with different roles

Define roles and login credentials for your platform.


The Configurator allows you to manage access to the platform with different roles and credentials:


  • Admin: is the platform administrator, with full access to all features. He is the only person who can configure the technical-economic details of the processes and assign the phases in production.
  • Technician: he is the person who manages the sales section, the warehouse and the production but cannot make changes to the technical-economic details of the platform.
  • Operator: can only see the Production section, with the related tasks assigned to him by the Admin.

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