The first E-COMMERCE CMS designed specifically for the sale of printing products.

For companies dealing with printing and looking forward to selling their products and services online, VG7 has created a specific E-commerce CMS. Thanks to this module, you will have a virtual shop, fully capable of exploiting internet potential.

Product catalogue

Online estimates for any product with printing services.

VG7 CMS gives you the chance to sell a wide range of products either at fixed or configurable prices. In the latter instance, the final price may be the result of many process variables. For each product type VG7 applies a specific calculation logic.

List of configurable product types:

Price calculation

VG7 manages different computation methods for the price of each product.


VG7 platform allows you to find the calculation types best suited for the different products according to computation methods. The price of each product can be determined in three ways:

Supported technologies

To calculate the price of a product, VG7 supports various printing technologies

The VG7 CMS gives you the possibility of being able to sell a wide range of products at both fixed and configurable prices, where the final price is the result of a series of process variables. To simplify the creation of the products, we have created typologies with specific processes. For example, if we create a publishing product, in the list of format variants we will be able to select the type of binding or the type of cover paper, while for the large format we will have options on buttonholes or eyelets.

B2B sales

Customised catalogues and prices for your customers.


With the VG7 system, you can also sell in B2B mode. You can create one or more sections that include customized product catalogs and make them visible only to specific users.


For example, if your client is a large retailer, you can provide him with a catalog created especially for him that is based on his specific needs. The customer and his partners will thus be able to access this personalized catalog and make their purchases.

Customised Projects

Layouts designed to present each type of product in the best possible way.


Each product needs to be displayed in a certain way in order to be configured quickly and easily. VG7 CMS layouts are the result of UX and UI analysis based on the users' browsing experience for the various product types.

Discount Codes and Promotions

Retain your customers with promos and loyalty cards.

With this feature you can create promotional campaigns dedicated to users who purchase on the site, or assign credits to the most loyal users. In particular, in the platform you can manage:


  • promo codes: alphanumeric codes provided by the company that allow the customer to obtain a fixed or percentage reduction on the total shopping cart;

  • promotional codes: when you create a promo code, you enter a number of credits, establishing the value of a single credit. When the customer uses this promo code in the cart, he discounts part of the total in credits; 

  • credit collection on purchases: this feature allows the customer to accumulate credits as he makes purchases on the site;

  • pre-loaded credit cards: the system allows you to manage pre-loaded cards with pay-as-you-go credit. This feature is useful for example when a company, our customer, wants to use these cards as a gift/benefit to its employees.

Safe payment methods

Fast and secure payments for your users.


VG7 E-commerce supports different payment methods for online purchases:


  • Paypal: the service that allows you to pay, send money and accept payments quickly, easily and securely.
  • MultiSafepay: to purchase using your preferred payment method.   
  • Satispay: to make purchases directly from your smartphone.
  • Interface with bank circuit: to connect e-commerce to the payment gateway of your bank.
  • Through purchase credits: to load credits into the customer account that can be used for future purchases.
  • Cash on delivery: to pay upon receipt of the goods.
  • By Bank transfer.

Web Marketing Oriented

Increase the visibility of your website.

Boost your e-commerce by reaching more customers all over the world. The VG7 CMS has been developed to allow your website to obtain maximum visibility on search engines such as Google, thanks to a series of native features and code optimizations.


The main functions are: Management of all SEO fields: meta tags, alt images, robots, sitemaps, etc. Speed up loading times (pagespeed). Insertion of structured data, to allow semantic search engines to better classify the content of the site.


Order with different destinations

Multiple and splitted shipments


This feature allows the user to enter multiple shipping addresses for the same order line, by choosing also the quantity to be sent to each address. The user can also choose a different shipping method for each part of the order.

For example, if the customer has purchased 500 business cards, he can decide to ship 200 pieces to one location using express shipping and to collect the remaining 300 pieces directly on the production site.

Multiple websites with a single management system


Thanks to this feature you can publish your products created in the VG7 Management System on multiple e-commerce sites. All orders from the different online stores will be collected and managed by a single platform, simplifying their management and tracking.

Integration with external suppliers

Import products from external suppliers into the catalogue


This module allows the creation of gadget products and automatic import of product catalogs from external suppliers. Data collection can take place through various formats (XML, CSV, Web Services, etc.). The functions included are: the insertion of variants, sharing on social networks, printing of the estimate, the presence of a fillable form to request information, the insertion of additional content, the simple and advanced price summary and the possibility of inserting discounts (by product, by product category, by user category, etc.). This integration is particularly useful when it is necessary to import hundreds or thousands of products from the external catalogues of one or more suppliers, inheriting any changes in price and stock, so as to keep all articles up to date both at economic level and at availability level, automating all these operations.

Some sites created with the VG7 system

The e-commerce you have always imagined, created by our graphics department.

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